My Airport, My City

Airport CEO Johanne Gallant dishes of Fredericton
What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Things which have been named for Gander: A Lufthansa Airbus 340, a bridge in Tennessee, a monkey, a crater on Mars.


My Airport Johanne

The best thing about my airport is you’ll never get lost! (But if you did, we’ve got some of the friendliest staff in the country, and they’d be happy to help you find your way.)

The vibe in my town is creative, outdoorsy, and active

My town is better known as Freddy Beach, although no one seems to be exactly sure why.

Where to wet your whistle the Lunar Rogue Pub, named by Whisky Magazine as a ‘Great Whisky Bar of the World’. The Rogue, as it’s known to locals, usually has anywhere from 500-600 spirits available to choose from.

Best day trip from my city there’s so much to do right here that you might not want to leave! But if you’re craving the ocean, beaches on both the Bay of Fundy and Northumberland Strait are an easy day trip from Fredericton.

My favorite restaurant is Vault 29, a restaurant and bar embracing the era of prohibition. With the upscale decorations, you’d never know it but this restaurant was built on the site of a former bank. Grab a bite to eat, a cocktail, and a little history too!

Best place for a stroll is on our region’s award winning trail system. Multi-use trails extend through our city and beyond, showcasing everything from the river views downtown to beautiful parks and forests.
One peculiar thing about my city is we’re really active and really big fans of craft beer. In fact, the New Brunswick Day Running Weekend combines both: three days of road races, with each race followed by an expo of beer, wine, or spirits.

If you come, don’t miss the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in September!


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