My Airport, My City

Airport CEO Doug Newson shows us around Charlottetown
Orange you glad we’re here?

Orange you glad we’re here?

The top US travel market from Gander is Orlando, Florida.


My Airport Doug

The best thing about my airport is you can never get confused about what gate your flight departs from – they’re both in the same room!

The vibe in Charlottetown is small town, friendly, where everyone knows your business.

PEI is better known as the home of Anne of Green Gables, even though she’s a fictional character.

Local delicacy a backyard party is sure to include a mason jar full of handpicked bar clams.  Clam Digging is a long-standing Island tradition.

Where to wet your whistle The Gahan House, PEI’s famous homebrew – a lively pub which has a colorful history.

Best Day Trip The whole Island is a day trip.

My favorite restaurant is Budley’s here at the airport. Shameless promotion I know, but even Chef Micheal Smith raves about Earl’s “Aviation Burger”.

Fore! The whole Island is overrun with golf courses we just stopped counting at 25. Even the locals use the Island’s red cliffs as a driving range, just watch out for stray balls when you’re swimming at the beach.

One peculiar thing about PEI is on the Western tip of the Island you can still find the horses harvesting Irish Moss just like they did in the olden days. The moss is used in products ranging from toothpaste to beer.

If you come, don’t miss the restaurant with the rubber boot. Water Prince Corner Shop in Charlottetown is the perfect stop for an authentic PEI lobster roll.

The biggest misconception about running an airport is that we get to skip all the security lines when travelling. Believe me, I wish!


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