GIAA Seeking Expressions of Interest for Directors

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Gander receives more snowfall than any city in Canada, almost 14 feet per year.

The Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) is seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in joining its Board of Directors.

The GIAA manages historic Gander International Airport, the hub for travel in Central Newfoundland and an important economic engine for the region.

The GIAA Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the stewardship of the airport. The Board oversees management, who are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the airport’s business. The GIAA is a policy board, charting the strategic direction for YQX and ensuring the airport operates in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

The GIAA Board brings together a wide range of skills. Collectively, the board is expected to have knowledge of the aviation industry, business, finance, administration, law, governance, engineering, marketing, labour relations and the interests of consumers.

To be eligible for board service, candidates must:

(a) be an individual at least 18 years of age;
(b) be a Canadian citizen;
(c) a permanent resident of the region which the airport serves

Directors must comply with strict GIAA Conflict of Interest guidelines. Directors cannot hold any elected government office of any level, nor can they be employed by or provide services to any government agency, department or corporation. Directors cannot be employed by or provide services on a full-time basis under contract to any airport nominator, be it a municipality or chamber of commerce. As a result of Conflict of Interest guidelines, directors cannot be employed by or have a stake in any company or tenant of which the Gander International Airport Authority is landlord.

An individual who has the legal status of an undischarged bankrupt or is found by court to mentally incompetent is ineligible. An individual who has been convicted of a criminal offence related to their employment is also ineligible.

The GIAA values diversity and geographic representation in its Board composition. The Board typically meets six times annually and all directors are expected to serve on at least one committee.

Applications should include curriculum vitae and a covering letter outlining why the candidate is interested in serving and what they believe they can bring to the board table.

Applications should be forwarded to Mel Thorne, Governance Committee Chairperson, GIAA Board of Directors c/o Janice Bath by Nov. 1, 2019.

Gander International Airport Authority
P.O. Box 400
1000 James Blvd
2nd Floor, Air Terminal Building
Gander, NL CANADA A1V 1W8
Attention: Janice Bath
Fax: 709-256-6725


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