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The runways of Gander International Airport can accommodate the world’s largest and heaviest aircraft, including the leviathan An-225 and A380.

This display is updated every five minutes by an independent operator. Airline schedules may be changed without notification, especially during times of inclement weather. While we strive to be as thorough as possible, the Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the schedule posted. For the latest flight details, please contact your airline.

Flight Airline Date Scheduled Revised Arriving From Status Weather
PB922 PAL Airlines 20 Oct 23:55 23:55 Goose Bay On Time Drizzle 6°C Drizzle
PB6001 PAL Airlines 21 Oct 05:05 05:55 Deer Lake Delayed Rain 10°C Rain
PB915 PAL Airlines 21 Oct 12:45 12:45 St. John's On Time Rain 8°C Rain
JZA8860 Air Canada Jazz 21 Oct 13:44 13:44 Halifax On Time Mostly Cloudy 10°C Mostly Cloudy


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