It’s a Newfoundland thing

It’s a Newfoundland thing

On average, 2.1 greeters/well wishers are on hand to welcome passengers arriving to the airport.


The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador removed all Covid-19 health restrictions as of March 14, 2022.

Here at the airport, some essential health measures are still in effect;

✈ Greeters are welcome back inside the terminal building. However, we ask that you stay out of the arrivals area to limit congestion.

✈ Federal guidance for wearing masks inside the terminal building remains in effect.

✈ The public viewing area remains closed and the second floor is limited to staff only.

✈ Union East + Drinks are operating at 100% capacity; masks can be removed only while eating and drinking.

✈ Passengers are still required to provide proof of vaccination at check-in.

We continue to promote good hygiene and social distancing and we will revisit these restrictions as guidance changes.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.



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