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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Things which have been named for Gander: A Lufthansa Airbus 340, a bridge in Tennessee, a monkey, a crater on Mars.

Advertising at CYQX provides a powerful medium to position your business or product with a captive audience. YQX welcomes over a quarter million visitors annually, including passengers, business people, greeters, and well-wishers.

On average, passengers spend 49 minutes at YQX, with dwell times of 85 minutes for enplaning and 15 minutes for deplaning passengers, respectively. As well, an average of 2.1 well-wishers greet returning passengers at YQX.

Backlit and illuminated displays and traditional advertisements are available at strategic locations at the terminal, including:

  • main terminal
  • arrival gates and above baggage carousels
  • the newly renovated domestic departures lounge
  • facilities

For further information, contact:

Darren Dalton

Gander International Airport Authority
Tel: (709) 256-6664
Fax: (709) 256-6725


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